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How to Create a Most Popular Blog Post Widget in Weebly​

Posted By Chris, Weebly Web Designer & Front-End Developer
December 5, 2019
Tutorial Description
A most popular blog post widget will automatically display the most popular posts within your blog to your visitors.

​The criteria used in determining the most popular blog posts for a particular blog post could span from blog post views, shares, comments, or any combination of these.

Since Weebly does not currently offer a way to track page views of individual blog posts, I based this most popular blog post widget on a blog post's individual comments to determine the most popular blog posts.

In short, the 3 blog posts with the most comments will appear in the widget.

If there are no comments on any of your blog posts, then the most popular widget will simply default to a recent posts widgets.

If just one blog post on your blog has a comment, then that blog post will appear at the top of the most popular widget. The rest of the widget will show the most recent blog posts until other blog posts gain comments.

If 2 or more blog posts have the exact same amount of comments, then the blog post that is most recent in date will appear first.
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