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How to Create a Recommended Content Widget in Weebly

Posted By Chris, Weebly Web Designer & Front-End Developer
October 31, 2019
Tutorial Description
A recommended content widget will recommend other blog posts from your blog to visitors once they reach the bottom of a blog post.

This is a fantastic tool for keeping your visitors on your site longer, as well as making sure older blog posts are as available to your visitors as much as your newer blog posts are.

This one took a while to come up with, but I'm finally content with how the logic of the code works to create an actual recommended content widget for Weebly blog posts.

Once a blog post is visited, the widget will automatically scan all of your blog pages and randomly choose 3 of them. If any of these 3 blog posts happen to be the same as the blog post the visitor to your blog is on, the widget will go back and find another blog post. All of this occurs within seconds, despite it being a front-end widget.

The widget will only recommend blog posts from the blog that blog post is contained within. This means if you have more than 1 blog page on your Weebly site, blog posts from 1 blog page will not be recommended in another blog page, at least the way the current code in this widget is setup.

I hope you find this widget to be useful to leveling up your Weebly site. Enjoy!
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