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How To Create Breadcrumbs For Your Weebly Blog​

Posted By Chris, Weebly Web Designer & Front-End Developer
November 20, 2017
Tutorial Description
When it comes to websites, breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation that allows the visitor to see what page they're on, what page they came from, and the option to go back. As the name describes, breadcrumbs create a trail for your site's visitors so they don't get lost while navigating your site.

Weebly currently doesn't offer breadcrumbs as a site option for either their standard or blog pages, but don't despair. We've created a code that will allow you to create breadcrumbs for your Weebly blog, a Weebly page type that can even leave the owner lost while navigating. These breadcrumbs will require an initial input of your blog's URL, some code, and you'll never have to touch it again; it's automatic -- no manual input of blog posts as you create them.
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