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How to Create Partials in Weebly

Posted By Chris, Weebly Web Designer & Front-End Developer
May 17, 2019
Tutorial Description
This tutorial will show you how to create partials in Weebly, but what are partials?

​A partial is a small code file that you place within many larger code files. The purpose of a partial is to allow you to change one or multiple areas of multiple pages instantaneously and at the exact same time.

As for an example, partials are really useful for ad placement on your website. Let's say you have hundreds of blog posts, with each blog post containing 3 ads each. You want to change all of these ads, but instead of spending hours or even days going through every single blog post and changing the ads manually (very time consuming), you would instead simply change the code in the partial file once and be done in less than a minute.

For this tutorial, I'll be creating just 1 partial for simplicity's sake, but for your website, you can create as many as you need. The partial I install in this tutorial will be for a 336x280 ad unit.
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