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How to Delete Weebly's "Spacer" Element If You Can't Delete It

Posted By Chris, Weebly Web Designer & Front-End Developer
May 24, 2020
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This tutorial will show you how to delete Weebly's "Spacer" element if you can't delete it.

​Weebly has one of the best interfaces for easily building a website, but let's be honest -- it has its share of bugs.

One of these bugs will not allow you to delete Weebly's "Spacer" element. No matter how many times you click the "X" in the top-right corner of the element to delete it, it remains.

This bug is not ubiquitous across all Weebly websites -- meaning that it's not always reproducible -- but there is one commonality shared of the bug and it appears to be triggered when the "Spacer" elements are placed in columns.

Hopefully Weebly irons out this nuisance of a bug, but in the meantime, I'll show you a quick little trick to finally delete those "Spacer" elements from your website if they insist on remaining after clicking their "X".
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