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How to install owl's carousel slider into weebly

Posted By Chris, Weebly Web Designer & Front-End Developer
January 23, 2018
Tutorial Description
As the first Weebly tutorial of 2018, I wanted it to not only be good, but meet a relatively high demand in the Weebly community. So, I decided to show you how to install the ever-popular -- and for good reason -- Owl Carousel Slider into your Weebly site.

This tutorial will show you how to install the very basic version of Owl's Carousel Slider into your Weebly site, and since this is Weebly, we have [want] to make the Owl Carousel Slider drag and drop. What this means, truly, is when everything is said and done, uploading images to the Owl Carousel Slider will be as simple as dragging and dropping Weebly's "Image" element.

Now, it's important to acknowledge that part of what makes Owl's Carousel Slider so desirable is that it's not only incredibly easy to setup, lightweight, and free, but it's highly customizable. This means I won't be able to cover all areas of customization Owl's Carousel Slider can take on in this single tutorial. But what I will do is show you how to setup Owl's Carousel Slider as a fullscreen slider in your Weebly site and how to apply the many transition effects provided by the lovely animate.css that Owl's Carousel Slider supports.
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