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How To tell if your weebly theme is responsive

Posted By Chris, Weebly Web Designer & Front-End Developer
July 26, 2017
Tutorial Description
All Weebly themes fall into one of either 2 types of themes: 100% responsive themes or non-responsive themes with a mobile version. Do you know which type of Weebly theme your site is using?

With the introduction of Weebly 3, Carbon, Weebly did away with all of their old non-responsive themes, sort of. Weebly accounts with sites created before Carbon have access to both the old non-responsive and new 100% responsive Weebly themes. Weebly accounts created after Carbon only have access to Weebly's new 100% responsive themes.

​Weebly's old non-responsive themes did come with a mobile version for some mobile compatibility, but some mobile devices such as Blackberries, and other devices such as tablets, got the short end of the stick -- site experience was subpar, at best. Today, some Weebly sites are still using an old non-responsive theme for whatever reason, with one of these reasons being confusion. Some of the owners of these sites would switch to one of Weebly's new 100% responsive themes, if only they could figure out if their current theme is 100% responsive, or an old non-responsive theme with just a mobile version.

So how do you tell if your current Weebly theme is responsive? Very simply, with your desktop browser.
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